New contract supporting the £1.2bn British emergency services network (ESN)


emergency lights

Daly International has been appointed to build new network infrastructure for EE that will support new generation communications technology for British, police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services. EE is the successful network operator to provide a resilient national mobile network (lot 3). Click here, for more details of the ESN procurement.

Exciting new applications that the ESN intends to deliver include: live streaming of field activities from body mounted videos for police forces; access to detailed terrain and building intelligence in the field for fire and rescue crews and; even more advanced medical diagnostics for paramedics.

Daly International has already started to upgrade 228 base stations with L800 technology throughout Scotland and Northern England. The next tranche of instructions will be for temporary and permanent generators that need to be installed on sites.

Daly International UK Project Director, Miranda Jenkins said “We have recently built or upgraded many of the ESN sites for EE on Project Darwin. This means we understand the local terrain and tower conditions to upgrade these sites quick and safely.  I’m delighted that EE has recognised the significant contribution that Daly International will make to the ESN project

Daly International is also designing and constructing tower infrastructure for many Australian emergency service organisations.

For more information about Daly International UK and the ESN contact:

Miranda Jenkins
+44 7841 361 009