Clean energy for UK mobile cell sites

New innovation to power mobile cell sites using vertical axis wind turbine.

A significant innovation to combine wind turbines with mobile phone cell sites in the United Kingdom has been announced, with an exclusive five year agreement between Daly International UK, quietrevolution, and Elite Renewables.

The arrangement allows for the installation of the quietrevolution qr5 vertical axis wind turbine on the same mast structure used for mobile telecommunication sites. This infrastructure sharing provides numerous benefits and promotes the rollout of both wind turbines and mobile phone coverage in Britain

The quietrevolution qr5 is compact and quiet, making it the ideal turbine to co-site with mobile cell sites in urban areas. It can also utilise wind from all directions – an important advantage in built-up locations.

“This new and exciting innovation allows for the mobile industry to harness the benefits of sustainable energy by sharing the same structure,” said Peter Bridgman, UK Operations Director.

“I am confident this will be a successful partnership.”

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